Monthly Subscription


~ Create your own Friends and Family calling plan ~

by just adding the phone numbers you need at $1 each per month

All plans contain 300 minutes talk time and 1 FREE phone number

Our Monthly Subscription plans will save you money on every minute you Stay In Touch . . with NO contracts.

Federal Facilities are listed below, where you can save on International and Domestic calls.

Not looking for Federal Bureau of Prisons savings? Visit our information pages for County Facilities or State Facilities.

International and Domestic Call Savings

      We can save you $1.50 to $15.95 each call . .

               from any of the states listed below     

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Federal Bureau of Prison Facilities





















New Hampshire

New Jersey

New York

North Carolina





South Carolina

South Dakota





West Virginia


Additional minutes and phone numbers can be added at any time

Basic USA & Canada

Awesome call savings ~ Budget Friendly


300 Minutes is 20 phone calls at 15 minutes each

. . just about one call every other day . .  

All of our International calling plans are BOP compatible.

              IF you are calling an International destination from the below listed 5  Federal Facilities              we will cut your international cost in half.

Currently from these facilities we are offering International call savings – no domestic call destinations for the below 5 facilities.

IF you are calling from one of the below listed facilities you will not receive a local number,

and the facility cost will be .21 cents per minute, ($3.15 per 15 minute call) NOT .06 cents per minute local rate.

YOU will still SAVE 50% on INTERNATIONAL Calls using our service from these 5 facilities. 

Herlong FCI California


D Ray James Georgia

Great Plains CI Oklahoma

Pay As You Go


  If you use less than 300 minutes in a month to a single country code destination.

  If you only call International once a week or so.

  If you call to more than one country code in a month.

You should use our Pay As You Go plan

How Does Our Service Work?

  1.  We provide phone numbers that are direct dialed over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to the landline or cellphone of each person you wish to call. Doing so does not affect that person’s phone bill or existing service in any way and their current phone number remains the same. Our Service simply provides an additional number dedicated to that person’s cell phone or land line.

    2. They then add the new phone number(s) and/or name of the designated recipient to their approved calling list via Corrlink or approved institutional method.

That’s it! They now dial the new StayInTouchcalls number at a huge savings over the International or long distance numbers they had previously been dialing. If they are ever transferred to another facility, we will provide them with new phone number(s) at no additional cost as part of our service.

The monthly subscription is a set monthly expense that will be deducted from the account on the anniversary date of sign up, the account automatically reloads the plan minutes. Plan minutes do not roll over.

If you purchased additional minutes, they will roll over every month if not used.

The Subscription plan minutes will be used first every month before any additional minutes that were purchased are used.

Using our service helps you Stay In Touch longer – – for less ! ! !

We find the lowest prices and pass this on to you

Mission Statement of StayInTouchCalls

Our primary goal at StayInTouchCalls is to reduce the high cost of inmate calls and the impact it has on family and friends.

We believe this helps. We believe this directly impacts the physical and emotional fact of being separated and . . of not having control.

Talking longer for less reduces re-offending, keeps family and friends bonded, stronger… together by Staying In Touch.

We simply find the lowest rate for the facility and pass this on to you.

No Contracts – No Credit Checks – No Hidden Fees

Simply pay a month to month subscription until you no longer need our service.

All accounts require a one-time $10 activation fee.


Member Benefits

  • Free text alert when 270 subscription plan minutes have been used in a 30 day (billing) cycle.

  • Free text alert when 300 plan minutes have been used in a 30 day cycle (if needed, this is where additional plan minutes can be used).

  • Ability to activate auto-recharge feature; (usually for additional minutes) where you set the trigger limit and set the deposit amount.

  • Free text alert for low balance notice; where you set (usually $3.00) the alert trigger balance, (default alert is $5.00).

  • Free text alert for deposits/Top Up/Recharge – with the deposit amount and the new account balance in notice.

  • Ability to activate monthly auto-subscription pay/deposit features.

  • IVR capabilities and more with membership.

  • GDPR Privacy – We are GDPR privacy compliant as of 25 April 2018.

*Free Text Alerts/Notices and SMS Terms – we pay for each of the text alerts and notices to be sent to you.

If you are charged text alert/notice, then it is from from your carrier, not us.