Referral Program

You may never have to pay us for minutes of talk time after the initial account set-up.

Why? When you become a new member and activate an account, you automatically receive a unique Personal Stay In Touch calls (referral) Code.
The Stay In Touch calls (referral) code is worth $15 to your account when the person you gave the referral code to use’s it to activate a new account.

The person who uses the Stay In Touch calls (referral) code with account activation is given a $15 account credit to their new account! Each time a new member uses your Stay In Touch calls (referral) code with account activation, the code will provide a $15 account credit to YOU the person who’s Stay In Touch calls (referral) code is used.  There’s no limit on the number of referrals for which the code can be used.

For the inmate, the credit can be applied as either: a $15 money order sent to the canteen/commissary account; or a $15 dollar deposit to the account whose Stay In Touch calls Code was used during new member account sign up.

Detainees are included in this Referral Program. Federal prisoners are only allowed 300 minutes per month. The rules at State, County, Parish, or local jails vary, but most allow 15-minute calls with unlimited minutes per month.

Unlimited Domestic Calling is the best value if you use 600 or more minutes each month. (40 – 15 minute calls or more per month)

If just two new qualifying customers sign up each month using their Stay In Touch calls (referral) Code, for the FBOP, it is possible to completely pay for all your phone calls for your whole bid, (State, County and local can do this too) and not be charged again after the initial account set up.

Yeah, you read that right.

If you tell someone about our service, give them your Stay In Touch calls (referral) code and it is worth $15 to them and to you each, just have them use the code at sign up.

What’s the catch? None.

**Federal inmates will still be charged 6¢ a minute by the Bureau of Prisons for outbound calls. This fee can’t be eliminated, as they own the facility phone that is being picked up to be used. You have to pay them each time you dial the phone. This fee, multiplied by 300 minutes of talk time, is $18 per month to the FBOP. You can pay this with our referral program using your Stay In Touch calls Code. Same thing for the State, County, Parish and Detainees, the facilites own the phone that is used to call, and they must be paid for each call from tha facility. Other facilities may also have local or connection fees or hook-up charges over which we unfortunately have no control.