Terms and Conditions




StayInTouchcalls.com provides Phone Services to customers worldwide. We have a responsibility to protect each customer and their information; and to provide the best services available. All customers of StayInTouchcalls.com will be subject to the following terms:

Being a Customer with StayInTouchcalls.com telephone service you are agreeing to the following terms.
The following terms, also referred to as agreement, or service plan, make up the in total terms between you the Customer and StayInTouchcalls.com, hereafter referred to as “StayInTouchcalls.com or we, and the customer of StayInTouchcalls.com services, hereafter referred to as customer with respect to StayInTouchcalls.com products and services provided through the website and/or by contacting a customer service representative. By activating an account with StayInTouchcalls.com you are agreeing to the following terms and accepting responsibility for your service.

Changing Service Due to Transfer

A new verified destination number is issued automatically free upon transfer when we are notified; included as part of our service

In the event that an inmate is transferred to a new facility it is the customer’s responsibility to notify StayInTouchcalls.com to make us aware of the change in the inmate’s location when transferring and a new verified number will be issued for smooth uninterrupted service as this new number is included with enrollment and account for a residents or inmates transfer. We will then create and issue a new verified number for the same account at no additional cost to the customer to continue the service as seamlessly as possible. We search all our carriers to ensure the lowest cost we can provide is being provided to our customer, but we cannot guarantee the new number location will allowed for the same low cost of calling service as under the circumstances prior to transfer. This is due to the fluctuation in rates of the various providers already in place and offering regular service to prisons across the USA and the world. StayInTouchcalls.com has no agreement with these service providers and is in no way responsible for charges beyond that of which is paid for the StayInTouchcalls.com service.


By subscribing to our service each customer will be assigned a unique, exclusive, non-transferable, verified number or numbers with which to make use of the StayInTouchcalls.com service. The user has no ownership rights to their specific number. All subscriptions are provided on a prepay basis. This service has no agreements, billing or otherwise, with any of the institution phone service providers and cannot be used for collect calls. In order to receive collect calls the customer must establish a prepaid account with the current prison phone service provider. The customer assumes the responsibility of employing alternate means to ensure that calls are not billed as collect. This can be done by using a prepaid account with the facility’s provider, resident or inmate calling cards through the residents or inmate’s canteen or commissary account etc. The customer is enrolling in service with StayInTouchcalls.com with the understanding that it is a basic service. You understand that each account is activated to allow a predetermined quantity of minutes of talk time unless special terms are agreed upon in writing between the customer and authorized StayInTouchcalls.com staff. All additional numbers purchased by the enrollee in addition of the normal minutes per month calling plans will be employed to work in accordance with the allotted number of minutes provided with the plan purchased unless an alternate agreement is reached and agreed upon in writing.

Responsibilities of the Customer

By activating an account, you acknowledge that you will not use the StayInTouchcalls.com service for abusive or unlawful purposes nor in such a way that it damages the reputation of our company, its employees, third parties, or the public in general. The customer assumes all responsibility for knowing the rules and regulations of the facility in which they plan to use our service and will not hold our company responsible for any changes that may occur resulting in loss or interference of service. All users will use the StayInTouchcalls.com service in accordance with all verified, county, state, federal and international laws as well as the rules and regulations set forth by the place in which they are housed. You agree that you completely understand how to set up the StayInTouchcalls.com service in accordance with the respective correctional facility guide lines and the process each inmate must use within their respective facility to take advantage of your service. We cannot control the length of time it takes you, the resident or inmate the facility to activate the verified number issued to you through StayInTouchcalls.com for use at the respective place or facility. The customer understands that we have nothing to do with the amount of time it takes each facility to allow the resident or inmate to make use of your service. Most questions concerning delays or complications of activation after we have issued you a verified destination number must be directed to the place or facility in which the number will be used.

Contact Information

Customer agrees to notify and update all changes to customer/resident/inmate data and account information. Suspension of service for failure to keep data current (or update) for this reason is the responsibility of the customer. Customer is responsible for maintaining the security/confidentiality of the phone number(s) issued as well as the sensitive information that is needed by us as part of your service with StayInTouchcalls.com.

Information Security You

You are required to notify us immediately if the security or information in a account is compromised in any way. Any damages resulting in the failure to do so will remain with the customer. StayInTouchcalls.com must be notified immediately if: the customer’s account is closed, payment method expires, billing, resident or inmate address changes, email or text data/information changes, or the payment method is cancelled or replaced due to theft or loss. Each customer will activate the StayInTouchcalls.com service to connect the destination number provided with a number under the control of the customer only.
We are in no way responsible for costs of phone service beyond that charged for our service after your term during of service with us. All third party charges, including but not limited to, cellular phone fees, parish, county, state, Federal or Federal Bureau of Prison, international fees,  or any other fees or toll charges required by the facility phone service provider or facility are the responsibility of the user. It is the customer’s responsibility to understand what, if any, charges are applied by third parties outside of enrollment with our service.

Payment for Services

All payment transactions once processed; your enrollment and service will begin immediately. The terms of the selected enrollment for service shall continue for the life of the account. This agreement is with the customer only and is non-transferable. The customer is solely responsible for payment of the StayInTouchcalls.com service. StayInTouchcalls.com will charge the rates that are in affect at the time of subscription. We reserve the right to raise or lower prices for subscriptions at any time. Those updated prices will go into effect immediately upon being posted on our website www.StayInTouchcalls.com. The prices on our website will be the price charged all new customers. We may, however, offer introductory, personal “SIT” (SRC) or equivalent, coupons; reduced or alternate pricing at our discretion for any reason deemed appropriate by us.
All 30 day billing cycles begin on the date the account is opened and the initial verified number (or numbers) is assigned to the user’s account. The name and address of the customer must reflect that of the account from which the payment method is made. When paying by credit or debit, customer authorizes StayInTouchcalls.com to charge the amount owed, then or later, to that account. Payment by credit or debit also allows for the deduction of funds from that account for renewed service according to the enrollment plan and StayInTouchcalls.com is not notified with orders to terminate. The user’s account will be charged for a renewed service if not contacted before the last 5 days of the agreement. Deductions for renewed service will take place within the last 5 days of the current service term.  All other deductions will be prorated.

Additional services

Additional services not provided are: voicemail caller ID, 411. Our customer service may be contacted for more information about additional services and costs if you wish to include them in your service.
All numbers are programmed to connect the inmate with only one destination number. StayInTouchcalls.com can provide each customer with as many verified numbers as requested (up to 20) in order to connect with other destination numbers. Each customer may order multiple numbers to work along with a single calling plan or multiple calling plans to take advantage of a greater number of minutes. StayInTouchcalls.com takes steps to ensure that all numbers provided will save the user on calls after including the cost of making a normal call with the facility’s telephone service provider. However, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the StayInTouchcalls.com service is compatible with the rules, regulations, equipment and current telephone service in the facility in which the resident or inmate is housed.

Fair Usage Policy

Unlimited Domestic Calling: Unlimited Domestic Calling Fair Usage Policy is: 1600 minutes per 30 day billing cycle. After the first one thousand and six hundred minutes of usage in any 30 day billing cycle, a 5 cent per minute usage fee will be added for each minute used over the initial 1600 minutes for the remainder of the 30 day billing cycle.


Dated this 10th Day of October 2016