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Our phone numbers are direct dial over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and ring only to the landline or cell phone of each person the inmate wants to call, domestic or international. Your current phone number, service, or phone bill are not changed in any way.

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What We Do


    We work and find the lowest rate for the facility, then we pass this on to you. This is what we do, this is how our service works.

    We then provide phone number(s) which are direct dial (rings to) the landline or cell phone of each person your inmate wishes to call, domestic or international.  Our service does not affect that person’s current phone number or phone bill in anyway.  They remain exactly the same as they are now.

   Facility or jail phone service provider: we are not replacing the facilities phone service provider.  They actually OWN THE PHONE  that is picked up and used to make the call.  They will (and must) be paid to use their phone to make a call. We, unfortunately, cannot replace them or stop this from happening.

   With our service, you will pay the lowest rate allowed or possible to the jail or facility phone service providerThis is what we do.

   A prepaid account is only necessary if your inmate cannot pay for using the phone from their side of the call by using either their commissary debit account or by purchasing an inmate calling card from commissary.

   Pre-paid accounts established by you on the outside tend to be more expensive due to the extra fees paid just to put money on the prison phone account. But, they are the easiest to manage for County / Parish jails.

   Once we issue you a dedicated number, simply follow the jail or facilities rule or procedure for adding the new number to the account, if necessary.  Most all facilities have a provision for changing/adding a family member(s) numbers if or when they change.

   If your loved one or inmate is ever transferred to another facility, we will provide you with new dedicated number(s) at no additional cost.

   You will never be surprised by hidden fees. There are not contracts to follow. Simply pay as you go and when you no longer require our service, there will be no cancellation fees – all your unused funds will promptly refunded.

Additonal Information

The three main companies providing phone service to the correctional facilities throughout the United States are:

Securus Technologies

Phone: 972-734-1111 or 800-844-6591

GlobalTel Link

Phone: 866-230-7761


Phone: 888-506-8407


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